Thursday, June 19, 2014

Code Of Kindness

I am a big supporter of random acts of kindness. Our family not only participates in Random Acts of Kindness week, but it is something I try and instill into myself and my children all year long. Kindness can be shown no matter what your age is or your income level. It can be as simple as helping someone with their groceries, giving up a parking spot to someone else, and buying coffee for a stranger, helping out at a shelter, sitting and listening to a homeless person, being there for a friend when they need you most in life. Kindness is really simple, yet taken for granted by many or forgotten by some. So when Chris contacted me about this new service he and Chad have started up to track random acts of kindness I was intrigued to learn more. We all have heard of paying it forward and i have often wondered how did the person I help, help someone else? What type of impact did one act really have on the world? Now thanks to Chris and Chad I have a means to show my kids how much of a worldwide influence one small act can have on countless lives.

Code Of Kindness was created to do one thing - help make the world a better place by promoting acts of kindness that will continue to spread from one person to the next throughout the world.  Our website simply provides a way to show how these good deeds have passed along, and impacted others' lives.

 Individuals get a "Code of Kindness" Token here from the website that they can purchase by making a small $5 donation and up. The token will be mailed to you, and at that time you can go to the web page and log it in along with what you hope to accomplish. Then all you need to do is find someone worthy of your token. You can explain to them about the project, ask them to log the coin and then pay it forward. The whole object is to keep the coin going so you can watch how kindness is spread and to be used as a motivator for kindness to others. Who knows maybe one day a complete stranger will give you back your own coin!

Seeing where kindness (Tokens) have spread!
"The really neat part of Code Of Kindness is that you can see where kindness has spread. If you have registered a token, you can log in any time and see who and where it has been passed to as well as a little about the people who had it and/or how they got it. Or you can also visit the "View Tokens" page of the site and use the interactive map and search tool to see where kindness is spreading." What I love about this is my kids can get their own coins and make the decision on who to give them to and rally get to visually see the impact they are making in the world by being the salt and the light for God. 

Code Of Kindness was started by two friends, Chris Pennington and Chad Jodon, with the common goal of helping make the world a better place by promoting kindness in a unique way. Together with their design, marketing and technology experience they have the perfect skill sets to make this project a success.

Chris Pennington is a veteran marketing professional and author with more than 25 years’ experience in digital and traditional marketing as well as a graphic design and journalism background. Chad Jodon is a software engineer with more than 15 years’ experience. He holds both a BS and MS in computer science as well as a MBA.

Together Chad and Chris are dedicated to helping spread kindness throughout the world.

So what about you? Are you willing to take the challenge, support a great cause and help spread the love of Christ through random acts of kindness?  I would love to hear from you if you have taken this challenge or have other wonderful ideas to spread the love of Christ to the corners of the world!

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