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The Case for a Creator Student Edition

Book Description
Based on the bestseller The Case for a Creator, Lee Strobel, along with Jane Vogel, gives students the evidence they need to point to a Creator.

When Lee Strobel was a high school freshman, science convinced him that God didn't exist. Since then, however, incredible scientific discoveries have not only helped restore Lee's faith, but have strengthened it.

In this student edition of the bestselling The Case for a Creator, Strobel encourages teens to challenge the "facts" that say there is no God and to weigh the evidence for themselves. Readers will be astonished by what some of today's most respected experts have to say about the birth of the universe, Darwinism, DNA research, and the astounding fine-tuning of the cosmos. Ultimately, they must consider the question: Could it be that the universe looks designed … because it is? 

My Impressions 

This book was a great condensed version of Case for the Creator, that focused on questions that teens and young adults might have. I used this book as part of our bible study with our homeschool to get my kids to ask questions and look for the tough answers in the Word. The book did a wonderful job of helping to get my kid to think and generated alot of great conversations in our family. 

 The Case for a Creator is a quick read that is set up as an interview type of book that is providing us with information that refutes evolution. It has some great reference material for use. I have mixed feelings on how the book is presented. Two of my kids loved the interview type set up, my daughter thought it made it boring and unexciting, while my youngest was happy he knew some of the answers.  Some of the sections include Science vs God, Exploring Evolution: A Look at Old Ideas, and Decision Time: Is There a Case for a Creator?  The author also gives some terms to know that may not be known to help the student along with understanding the discussion as well as a lot of drawings, timelines and graphs for the visual learner.  My eldest son, 18, really liked the For Further Evidence sections that listed other resources available (books, websites) that talk about the same topic in each chapter.

The book is a real quick read, but filled with a lot of information that I think can be used to dive into the full version of The Case of a Creator. This book is easy to recommend for anyone wanting to dig into the Word, but needs some tough questions answered as they go along.


About the Author  

Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel, the former award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune, is a New York Times best-selling author of more than twenty books and serves as Professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University.

Described in the Washington Post as "one of the evangelical community's most popular apologists," Lee shared the Christian Book of the Year award in 2005 for a curriculum he co-authored with Garry Poole about the movie The Passion of the Christ. He also won Gold Medallions for The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and The Case for a Creator, all of which have been made into documentaries distributed by Lionsgate.

His latest works include his first novel, The Ambition, and The Case for Christ Study Bible, which features hundreds of notes and articles. His free e-newsletter, Investigating Faith, is available at www.LeeStrobel.com

Lee was educated at the University of Missouri (Bachelor of Journalism degree) and Yale Law School (Master of Studies in Law degree). He was a journalist for 14 years at The Chicago Tribune and other newspapers, winning Illinois' highest honor for public service journalism from United Press International. He also led a team that won UPI’s top award for investigative reporting in Illinois.After investigating the evidence for Jesus, Lee became a Christian in 1981. He joined the staff of Willow Creek Community Church in 1987 and later became a teaching pastor. He joined Saddleback Valley Community Church as a teaching pastor in 2000. He left Saddleback to write books and host the national network TV program Faith Under Fire

In addition, Lee taught First Amendment Law at Roosevelt University. In recognition of the extensive research for his books, he was honored by Southern Evangelical Seminary with the conferring of a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2007.

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