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Trust Me

Trust Me
by Nora LeDuc



Ela Danforth seeks sanctuary in the small town of Rockypoint, New Hampshire, where she believes her days will return to normal, until a mysterious stalker threatens her refuge, just as a charming lawyer, Nash McCain, enters her life.


~My Impressions~
Wonderful romantic suspense that draws you in from the get go and wont let you go. Once I picked this book up I had to finish it the same day. The writing style made this book an easy one to read and the characters were well developed with spirit and emotions that flew from the pages as you read.

I adored the story surrounding Nash and Ela. Nash, a lawyer and single father caring for his young daughter, and Ela, financial adviser and caretaker for her teenage sister. Ela has been burned in the past and is distrusting of men, but when a stalker put her life in danger Ela makes the decision to take a chance on Nash to protect her.

The creepy and mysterious stalker that is tracking them kept the book filled with non stop action and suspense. I really thought I knew who was behind everything, but was surprised to find out that things are not always what they appear to be. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nora LeDuc lives in New England with her family. TRUST ME is her 12th published book.  She loves to watch the daily Headline News Channel with all the latest on crimes. Currently she is working away on her next novel of murder and love. Please visit her website nora or visit her on Facebook. She loves to meet new friends.

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Excerpt :

Lanie tugged on his sleeve. “Dad. Dad. Look at those cars!”

She pointed behind her. Her fingers tightened with urgency on his arm. Four advancing headlights side by side sped up the hill.

“They’re headed for Dead Man’s Curve. They’re going too fast and going to crash.”

“I’ve gotta go, Mother.” Nash dropped the phone in the cup holder.

The two vehicles flew towards them, neck and neck on the two-way road. Micro inches separated them. They shot past Nash. Their red rear lights burned through the dark, slashing
rain. He narrowed his eyes and distinguished the shape of a pickup’s bed on one vehicle, now attempting to pass the other.

Sure enough, it smacked against the driver’s side of what looked like an early sixties car. The screech of metal against metal broke through the rain pounding on his sports car’s roof. The vintage car swerved onto the shoulder, and for a split second, it balanced on the edge of the winding pavement before it plummeted over the side of the nine-hundred-foot drop.

With a shot of backfire, the white truck roared off.

“Dad! Can you believe that? He drove someone off the road and left! What’s going to happen? Are they dead?”

Lanie’s hoarse whisper broke the silence. She unsnapped her seatbelt and bent forward to wipe the fog off the window with the cuff of her aqua fleece jacket and stared after the pinpoint of crimson taillight disappearing around the peak’s curve.

“We’ll get the driver help.”

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