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Publisher: Alex Rodgers
Release Date: January 22, 2014
Genre: Humor/Action/Thriller
Length: 192 Pages
ISBN:  978-0-99142-690-4


Alex Rodgers

As a series of armed bank robberies spring up in every corner of the nation, burnt-out Air Marshal Harris Fox finds himself thrust in the middle of this high-profile case. The danger unfolds and conspiracy unravels. With lives at stake, and his family in the balance, can Fox solve the mystery before it's too late?

A humor-filled, action-packed thriller with a cast of characters not easy to forget, this is the series for fans of television shows and movies like Rescue Me, Psych, Red, and 2Guns.

My Impressions: 
*Caution: Strong language*

Fast paced read that keeps you engaged in the life of an Air Marshal Harris Fox. Interesting characters that are brought to life with emotion and fortitude. The author does a wonderful job of creating vivid moments that transports you into action as its unfolding.

Only negatives to this book was the editing; misspelled words and repeats that took away from the story but not so much that I did not enjoy it still. I also could have done without all the language that I thought took away from the book. Despite this I am still looking forward to the next episode. 

This is a great book for those that love conspiracy, action, humor, and thrills this is the book for you.

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Nevin watched Harris guzzle down the beer, almost impressed. “Whoa, you playing catch up, or did the boss just break your balls that bad?”
Harris reluctantly set the beer down and looked over at Nevin, “Actually, there was no reaming this time.”
 “No ball breaking? For reals?” Nevin looked doubtful, squinting an eye for added effect.
Harris turned back to his beer, picking up the bottle again, and swirled the suds around the bottle. “Yeah, no breaking of the balls. For reals.” He began studying the menu that Ross slid to him across the bar, even though he knew it by heart at this point.
 “You eat the same shit every time Harris!” Nevin snapped his finger impatiently at the bartender, who looked at Nevin with a sour expression, which Nevin remained oblivious to, before pouring him a measure of Ciroc in a new martini glass and adding a twist of lime, with a splash of cranberry juice, handing it to Nevin without a smile. Nevin took the drink without even noting the bartender’s displeasure. “Two ribeyes, medium well with a side of garlic mash my good man!” Ross nodded and moved on. Harris silently prayed he wouldn’t spit in their food.
 Nevin turned back to Harris. “Well, what the hell did he want then? I was for sure he was in an ass-kicking mood when he asked for you— though now that I think about it, he actually always seems to be in an ass-kicking mood.”
 “Well… I have a special assignment.” Harris hesitantly divulged.
 Nevin took a big sip of his pink drink, looked around for people listening and asked, “A what?”
Harris tried, and failed to refrain from keeping the bragging note out of his voice. “Special assignment son, you heard right!”
Nevin slapped Harris on the back, spilling some of his drink in the process. “Well I want a special assignment, how do I get one of those? I’m pretty special. How can I be down?”
 “Well really it just kind of happened, still processing it actually,” Harris stated, regaining some modesty.
 “Well, what is it?” Nevin finally asked, his curiosity getting the best of his impulse to continue teasing Harris.
 Harris lowered his voice, and quickly scanned the bar. “I can’t really talk about it, but I will say it’s part of a high level investigation.”

Alex Rodgers is the author of the Corrupt Skies series. He is a military veteran and civil servant who got tired of reading about CIA and FBI Agents and thought Air Marshals would be cool.

Corrupt Skies: Episode I is his first foray into book writing, which started out as a short story. He is now happily writing the fourth novel in the series.

When he's not writing you can find him shamelessly plugging his books by reading the chapters out loud to a captive audience on the DC metro (not really). He enjoys paintballing and spending time with his wife and children at their home in Northern Virginia.



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