Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama and the crock pot

Trim Healthy Mama and the crock pot work wonderfully together. Nikki posted up this super smart idea to help her stay on plan through a busy summer:

“4 hours of prep=30+ days worth of THM freezer/crock pot dinners!! That means NO cooking for me for 30 days!!! Just thaw and throw it in the crock pot!! Bonus: my wonderful, amazing hubby helped me without even being asked!! Oh, and I did the majority of my shopping at Aldi, which is a discount grocery chain."

Here is a great resource which inspired this picture and post, the recipes feed 4-5 so you’ll want to double for a large family.



HM Crock Pot Cooking Menu Session 1

This is  my official first attempt to create an ALL THM menu for the crock pot. With summer creeping up I know that I don't want to be slaving over the stove to eat in the heat. So, instead I want to put my "kitchen slave" the crock pot to work.  Wanna join me?  I am choosing 10 different recipes.  I intend to double each recipe so I will end up with 20 meals for the freezer. Each recipe serves 5-6 people.

No Potato Beef Stew - using squash instead of carrots to make this meal an S
Chicken Curry with Cabbage and Peppers - Just use Almond milk instead of "regular milk". THM E
Jambalaya - THM S
Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Rosemary - THM S
Easy Slow Cooker Moroccan Beef - THM S
BBQ Chicken - THM E
Pork and Veggies - THM S
Sausage and Bean Supper - THM E
Meat Stew - THM S
Bean Stew - THM E

The link to the shopping and prep lists. :-)
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