Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I Love About Delaney June 2014

I adore this little daily ritual or habit we have... Waiting for Drake to go to bed so we can hang out by ourselves, uninterrupted just to catch up and talk.

Scripture Verse... Jeremiah 29:11"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Favorite Photo...
You and Drake actually happy and playing together

at the premier of Fault in Our Stars

Your Irish  boyfriend-Tyler

You all happy

One of your most irresistible physical features is... Those adorable little dimples you have that come out when you smile and laugh. Wish I saw those little cuties some more.

I missed you when....

 You close yourself off from me. I know there is something bothering you and you will not let me in. It breaks my heart when I see yours breaking or know you are angry and you will not let it out. Normally you will tell me, eventually, but I hate that in between time when there is a part of you I do not know that is causing you pain.

5 Words/Phrases that come to mind when I think about you:  smart, irritated by affection, lonely, artistic, lost
You are very smart both book wise and street smarts. Sometimes too much for your own good. You get easily agitated when anyone wants to show you affection by touch. Ms. I freak out when I get hugged as if its the worst punishment one can receive in life. You are lonely. You wont admit it, but I see it in your eyes and the way you are living life right now. You need some friends that can actually hang out with you and you can go and hang out with.  You are very artistic. You write poems, songs, draw, act-your all over the place with artistic talents. You are lost. You do not know who you are in life yet. Where you belong, who you belong to  (hint-God!). you are wondering around trying to find your identity and who you are going to be. Its exciting, sad and scary to watch knowing this is a journey you have to make on your own that I can only guide and support you in.

Some of our favorite songs we both love... Ed Sheeran- Sing, Maroon 5-Maps, Passenger- Let Her Go, Justin Timberlake-Mirrors, Blake Shelton- Doin' What She Likes,  Joe Nichols-Yeah, One Republic-Counting Stars, Avicii- Wake Me up, Ellie Goulding - Bur, Pink-Just Give Me a Reason, Imagine Dragons-Radioactive, Rihanna - Stay

Special Occasions...
I really enjoy cuddling up on the couch with you to watch random TV shows., funny videos, music videos or whatever. Just being a part of your world and sharing life with you. Listing to your stories of friends, love, angst, trials, things you overcame, etc. Warms my heart to know you want to share with me still and include me in your life. Even when its mostly about boys! 

You got to go to your first outdoor concert this month- Vans Warped Tour 2014! You were so excited to see all the bands, but things did not go as planned. Initially Matthew was suppose to go with you and Uncle Shane was going to watch Drake so I could go as well. Matthew bailed, Mason ended up going with you using Matthews ticket and you wanted your Uncle to go instead of me. You had a miserable time. The bands were not as good as you hoped, the crowd was dull and boring, there was no mosh pit (you were really looking forward to getting into your 1st one), Mason kept complaining about the heat and by 1 you were ready to go. Only half way through what was suppose to be a great experience for you. I felt so sad for you with how disappointing the whole thing was and how excited you were to get to go. Maybe next months concert will be better :(

Fault in Our Stars. You have been dying to see this movie since you read the book so we ended up going opening day to watch this horribly sad and depressing movie. You loved it, cried, and want to see it again and again.
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