Friday, July 18, 2014

Young Love


Post by Tyler Kyrin.

1. Full name: Tyler Joesph Jakob Kyrin
2. What I'm listening to: In The End- BVB
3. Addiction: cats
4. Relationship status: Taken obvi
5. What I'm doing right now: Nothing interesting
6. Who's cute that liked my status: Del
7. Girls I trust: Del, Ravan
8. Boys I trust: James
10. Favorite color: Blue
11. Confession: I had a pet rock named Ronald for 5 years cx
12. Who I miss: My cat
13. Who understands me: Del
14. Someone who is always there for me: Del, James
15. Last person I hugged: Blakey (My lil bro)
16. Who's a stranger that liked my status: Alex
17. Who makes me laugh that liked my status: Del
18. Who i do the craziest stuff with: James
19. Who makes me smile: Del
20. Current crush: Del
— with Delaney Lovesyew
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