Monday, October 13, 2014

What I Love About Delaney-September 2014

I adore this little daily ritual or habit we have...  You recently have started wanting to hang out on the roof as your escape. You like to sit up there while I sit down below on the porch swing and talk to me about whatever is going on. You know I am terrified of heights and you get a kick out of the fact that the roof scares me and I freak out on the rare occasions I join you up top.


Scripture Verse...I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4: 13

Favorite Photo... (your passport photo, of course)

Favorite Things We Did... We got passports! Yep, one step closer to our trip to Ireland this Christmas. We also watch a Science and Faith Simulcast up at our church that was really good and showed how science and faith can coexist and how science can actually prove the bible's accuracy. It was really fascinating, but I think alot of it went over your head. Outside of that this month we spent it trying to find things to spruce up the house. We went rug shopping, curtain shopping, decor shopping etc. We also started walking together while Drake was at other functions and spent alot of time at Starbucks-your home away from home. Plus you got me hooked on Supernatural.

One of your most irresistible physical features is...
your belly freckle. You have had it since you were born and its too cute. I use to play tickel games with you when you were a baby over  your belly freckly that made you giggle like crazy. You use to raise your shirt up and tell me to get your freckle and I would chase you around till I caught it. I still love your freckle and those happy memories it reminds me of.

I missed you when....
You were sad. You had a rough month with friends attempting suicide, fighting depression and anxiety, trouble focusing on school and learning etc. You spent alot of your month feeling down and not really all that excited for much of anything. That meant we spent alot of time inside, watching movies, TV and you goofing off online. I know you dont think I notice when you get like this, but I do and my heart breaks for you.I wish there was a magic pill or phrase, but there is not. Some demons you have to learn to  fight on your own and all I can do is be there for support and comfort when you need me. 

5 Words/Phrases that come to mind when I think about you: 

Perseverance, bold, open, kind hearted, insecure. You stand up for what you believe in, despite what popular opinion is on the topic or person. You keep at it when it feels you will never make progress. You dont give up. You worry about your friends. You cry for them, their pain, struggles and hear ache. You have  tender heart that care deeply for those that are hurting. You have come a ways with security, but you still feel insecure with your looks, your abilities and trying to define in life who you are and want to be.

Some of our favorite songs we both love...

Special Occasions... Just letting you talk and vent when you are going through rough times with boys, girls, and feeling overwhelmed with life. I will miss it when you no longer want to talk to me about these things and I know one day that will happen at least for a brief period in time, comes with being a teenager. I can only hope I have laid enough of a foundation with you that I at least will always get glimpses into what you are feeling and going through and that you will always know I am here no matter what. I enjoy hearing about your struggles, no matter how small. I love watching you grow emotionally and work through things and realize it when people are using you or trying to manipulate you. I am proud when you stand up for yourself and refuse to be the victim or to be bullied.
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