Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why Dogs Are

Why Dogs AreAuthor: Tana Thompson
Publisher: Kendall Neff Publishing
Pages: 32 pp.
Genre: Children’s
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God made dogs to be companions and helpers to humans, wrapping them up in a package of love, devotion, loyalty and fun. We can also learn important lessons from them. In this story about Brian, a dog teaches a very special child some very special lessons. Why Dogs Are was awarded a finalist medal in Spirituality by the Indie Book Awards 2014, and is proud to donate 100% of its net profits to charities that support animal pet therapy activity.
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My Impressions: 
I enjoyed this book. It was a very sweet book that highlighted how God cares for each of us in different way, but not in less ways.Although the book is not based on any biblical concept of the creation of dogs, I still enjoyed the message that was biblical.  I adored how the author pointed out the DOG was GOD spelt backwards and placed emphasis on loving others without expecting anything in return, just as God loves us.  Another valuable lesson I saw in this book was the one of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a hard thing for us all. It is not forgetting past wrongs, but it is making the decision to not hold those wrongs against someone and allowing them to love you despite the wrongs. Something dogs are really great at doing. I have seen my kids yell at their dog and push her away when they are sad or angry and their dog will keep coming back to their laps time and again because she knows they need that extra love and comfort only a dog can seem to give. Someone to talk to and cry on that will not judge you or hold anything against you.

I enjoyed the beautiful illustrations throughout, although it stuck me as something I might see in the late 80's. I still enjoyed them and the story they told. Plus, what not to love about a book where 100% of the proceeds to go a honorable cause like "animals supporting humans" causes. 

Is this book is  not based on biblical doctrine at all, the overall principals of love and forgiveness are biblical. Based on that I can recommend this book, but only to those who are already grounded in biblical faith and can see what the author is attempting to do.

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