Thursday, December 4, 2014

What I Love About Drake-October 2014

I adore this little daily ritual or habit we have... Every morning when you wake up you want me to scratch your back and sing you a song to wake you up.

Scripture Verse.. Jeremiah 1: 5 "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."

Favorite Photo...


Favorite Things We Did...
Mars Rock
Outside the Space Center
This was your birthday month!!! So one of my favorite things we did was celebrate the day God gave you to me. We were suppose to go camping, but you really wanted to go to the Houston Space center since you were studying all about space in school. You had watched the video of the Challenger blowing up and you were curious. So we sent off to Houston for the weekend. You had a blast at the space center and loved going and listening to all the tours. You got to touch a rock from Mars and go inside a space shuttle and do a simulation of a take off. You got to view the old Mission Control Center along with the new one they built. You also got to watch live footage of what the satellites were picking up.  

We also went to the Huntsville Prison Museum. You got to see Old Sparky, look at a bunch of old school prisons, uniforms, shackles, food and see how the prison system has evolved over the years. You say in in a lecture from a guard that was around during segregation and his talk on how segregation affected the morale of prisoners and gang life. You even asked a couple of questions. I did not think you would enjoy it, but it was right up your alley. You are my little history buff and seem to like the morbid. 

At close to the end of the month I took you to the State Fair as we do every year for your birthday. You love to go to the butterfly garden and all the other exhibits. You hunted down practically every cop you could to take your picture withe them and hug them. I will say that Dallas police were all very kind to you and willing to talk to you and take photos. Not one ignored you or blew you off which I thought was pretty cool. You also got to do a ticket challenge to see if you would win a new phone.

 One of your most irresistible physical features is.. Your very serious smile and picture taking skills. If I have you stand for a photo you get very straight and serious. Its really adorable. 

I missed you when....I could not see you for almost 2 weeks because of all that was going on with your sister.

5 Words/Phrases that come to mind when I think about you.... sensitive, strong, caring, friendly, bright.

Some of our favorite songs we both love...You love Amazing Grace and have me sing you the whole song every single night. Right now that is your top charter. We both also like Jeremy Camp, 1 Direction, Toby Mac, Skillet

Special Occasions... You love our morning rituals and our night time rituals. If I do not do them with you I have ruined your night/day. You love having me read to you while you color me photos  or scratch on my back.
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