Saturday, January 31, 2015

What I love About Drake Jan 2015

Scripture Verse.. Job 36:22
"God is exalted in his power. Who is a teacher like him?"

Favorite Photo...
Favorite Things We Did... This month we went ans hung out with other church families playing games, eating, and fellowshipping. You also lost your bottom left tooth this month wrestling around with your sister and Kristian. It went flying across the room and we had to search for it for 10 minutes. You did not seem to fazed by it though. More excited to get tooth fairy money. This was also your sisters birthday. The big 15, so we all went ice skating with some of her friends at the Dr. Pepper Center. This  month also held some neurological challenges for you. With your father being gone, you have developed a nervous tick (Titubations) that was linked to PTSD. Too be safe though we had to run you through a slew of tests that involved an EKG, EEG and PET Scan to rule out any other neurological issues, including seizures.  Though most of the doctors were awesome, your anesthesiologist at Children's was horrible. He had no patience's, bedside manners or concern for your fear. This was also the month that we got rid of all of Sky's puppies, which broke your heart.  Grandpa and Gradma Marie also came down to visit from Minnesota. We spent a week up at a cabin in Wills Point, were you played on the lake, fed horses, got stuck in a row boat with Delaney and Kristian and played several games with Grandpa that he made you guys for Christmas. We also learned a new card game called Golf that we fell in love with.

What Things You Are Into: You still enjoy riding your bike, skateboarding, playing your wii and x-box. You still love Wreck it Ralph, Toy Story and other disney shows. Right now you are obsessive over Full House and Girl Meets World. 

New Sayings:  "Bam, take that" This comes out when you lay down a good card or win the game.

Struggles and Accomplishments: This month you are still learning to set your boundaries. You are trying really hard to recognize your emotions, explain them and understand them when they pop up. You are also working on eating healthier, cutting out junk food and setting new routines. You are already up to recognizing 56 sight words on your own! This is huge. When you started 2nd grade you were only reading at a Pre-K level. You are now on a Kinder level! You have grown so much over the course of this year its amazing.


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