Saturday, February 28, 2015

What I Love About Delaney-February

Scripture Verse:
41 Let your love, God, shape my life with salvation, exactly as you promised;
42 Then I'll be able to stand up to mockery because I trusted your Word.
43 Don't ever deprive me of truth, not ever - your commandments are what I depend on.
44 Oh, I'll guard with my life what you've revealed to me, guard it now, guard it ever;
45 And I'll stride freely through wide open spaces as I look for your truth and your wisdom;
46 Then I'll tell the world what I find, speak out boldly in public, unembarrassed.
47 I cherish your commandments - oh, how I love them! -
48 relishing every fragment of your counsel.

Favorite Photo...
@ hockey game

w/ Aaron Lindsey at Uncle Derricks wedding

Family Photo at Uncle Derrick and Aunt Rita's Wedding Feb 13th

Favorite Things We Did: Well we saw your Uncle Derrick get married and increased our family with 5 more cousins.  We also went to several hockey games, ice skating, played in the snow and so much more this month.

What Things You Are Into: Aaron. Yep thats pretty much it. You started dating this month, right before V-Day and he has become your whole life. Nothing and no one else exists right now. We have all learned to except that if we ask you what you want to do, its going to be either hang out with Aaron,have Aaron hang out here or go somewhere, but bring Aaron along. Yeah, thats you right now. Just throwing it out there for you.

Things we enjoy doing together: I guess I would have to say talking about boys. How they should treat you, what to expect, what to look out for., etc. Then going and getting our nails done, messages, book stores, jamming out to music in the car.

What you want to be when you grow up: Computer engineer or hostage negotiator.

New Sayings: "Bae", this and that. Drives me bonkers!!! That and "fierce"

Struggles and Accomplishment: separating the parts of your life. Your dating life, school, family and volunteer commitments in lieu of a boyfriend are your only real issues right now.

Your Style: little more dressed up, but still jeans and tshirts for the most part, oh and hoodies.

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