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Thrilling fantasy, dramatic twists and a stirring love story! Why did Kaja – a bearer of good fortune – suddenly run out of luck? Shadow creatures lurk in the dark, one misfortune leads to the next, and her fear of being claimed by the aristocrats increases by the hour. Furthermore, she is torn between her seaman and the wild wood wanderer, before whom all warn...

Can she escape her superior opponents? And how will her heart decide?

Who does not love a good love triangle. There are so many movies, tv shows and books based on this premise alone. So I knew things were going to get good when Kaja found herself torn between her wood-wandreer Teon, and her childhood friend Nio. We get some pretty steamy, passionate moments between Kaja and Teon that would make this book better suited for more mature readers.

I really enjoyed the shadow creatures. Although I would have like some more background and consistency with them, I really enjoyed the dark, violent, treacherous mood they set in the story. They are evil to the core and are responsible for the death of Kaja's twin sister when they were young. They also are trying to kill Kaja, Teon and Nio and it becomes up to Kaja to rid their world of their sinister ways. 

The only thing I disliked about this book was that the characters were not real developed. A lot of them are one dimensional and fall flat,  but I saw potential in the style of writing that would lead me to believe this something the author will grow into with more experience. At times the book did not flow as nicely as I would have liked to see, but that could also have something to do with loss within translation from the original language, German,  as well. 

As far as a romance/fantasy book goes this was a good read that I could recommend to those who really enjoy this genre. A few hiccups, but nothing that took away from the overall enjoyment of the story or the characters.  I am looking forward to more books from this upcoming author.

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The gods obviously had lost their minds! Otherwise, such a disaster would never havehappened to the twins Kaja and Liana. It objected to every law of nature! Nevertheless, onthis fateful spring morning fifteen summers ago, indescribable misfortune came over the two,although they were considered bearers of good fortune from birth. Kaja would never understand why, of all people, Liana suffered such a fate. Her sister had always been the sunshine of the family. She herself, however, had a lot of nonsense in her head and preferred to stray through the streets of their hometown, Donn, with the other kids to play adult pranks. A carefree seven-summer-old she floated through her life, grounded only by Liana.

In return, she always scattered the worries of her sister and protected her from the unpleasant sides of the outside world.
  On this terrible day Kaja longed to shield her sister, as always. Panic threatened to overwhelm her and she almost choked with fear, but she fought relentlessly against her mother, Namea,whose arms prevented her from moving. She had to get to Liana and convince the crude footmen of the Earl to take her instead of her twin sister! Liana didn’t deserve such a lot, and Kaja knew it was her job to prevent it!
  Kaja trembled with fear for her sister. She closed her eyes and saw black spots blur Liana’s pastel-green contours. Despair and pain darkened her view. Her heart was pounding. Panicked,she tore open her eyes and watched through the narrow gap in the closet door as a fat, bearded bloke abducted her sister.

As a fantasy writer, office manager and optimist Marie Mohn lives with her husband and her son happily in the heart of Austria.Born in 1985 as the daughter of two authors, she was naturally fascinated by the magical world of books since childhood, devouring one book after another, and soon began to write herself. Creativity and joy interlink closely in her opinion and she loves to enjoy – besides her own life –  invented worlds and adventures.

The German version of “Talisma” has already been successfully published in 2014. It has plenty  of great reviews (average rating at Amazon 4,9/5).  "Talisma" has been published on 25th February 2015. It offers thrilling entertainment with a  sarcastic heroine, new figures in the world of fantasy (wood wanderers, bearers of good fortune  and shadow creatures) and a stirring love story.

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