Saturday, November 14, 2015

VT's 21-Day Lunch Challenge Content

I have decided to try and eat healthy and to make an impact for a cause I believe in at the same time. So I am taking VT's 21-Day Lunch Challenge to eat vegetarian for the next 21 days at lunch. That's right, no meat! I would like to think that this will be really easy for me, but sadly when it comes to meals, I am not a planner. I am more of a open the fridge see what we can turn out type of person. Plus, I am notorious for eating out for lunch, which is spendy and 100% unhealthy no matter how I try and justify it. Also, since I live in cowtown, vegetarian fast food simply does not exist, unless you want to see off your first born for a meal. So when I ran across this challenge it seemed like a small place to start for a greater impact in my life. So please pour on the encouragement, I think I am going to need it. If you know of any great, cheap, vegetarian meals out there please comment and let me know.


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