Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unashamed: Overcoming the Sins No Girl Wants to Talk About

Are you living in silent shame, hiding a “secret sin”? Maybe you numb life’s pain with a bottle, razor blade, or sex. Maybe you “binge and purge” or act on feelings for other girls. Whatever your “secret”―shocking or not―if you’re trapped by it, you’re trapped by it. And chances are you’re not getting help because you’re too scared of what people would think if they found out.

Unashamed breaks the silence about the sins girls think they have to hide. With daring and a touch of humor, author Jessie Minassian shares her own story of struggle and victory. God longs for you to live in the freedom He died for!

So whether you’re caught in a cycle of sin yourself or just want to know how to help the silent sufferers all around you, let this book be the beginning of your journey toward health, healing, and freedom in His love for you.

My Impression: 

This is a must read book for all pre-teens and teenagers. I would say only for girls, but honestly I think boys would benefit just as well from erasing these negative images from their minds too.  I know far too well about how your own negative self thoughts can destroy you from the inside out. Learning how to counter those thoughts with healthy, truthful ones can be difficult for alot of people, especially young girls. My daughter suffered in silence and turned to self harm and suicide attempts as a means to cope. She was struggling with her identity in Christ versus who she felt Christ made her to be. Her secret and feeling ashamed of it almost cost us the one thing we can never replace..her.  I let her read this book with me and we were both in tears on so many occasions from just being able to relate.  The reality is so many of us struggle with the same crippling sin, if we would only learn to talk about it and defeat the stigma's associated with it our girls would be benefit greatly.  I loved the open, honest and straight forward approach this author took in telling her story so other girls can feel freedom to tell their story.

About the Author: 
JESSIE MINASSIAN loves Jesus, sunshine, and sand between her toes. She's a speaker, author of a handful of books, and the resident "big sis" at, a popular website for teen girls. A native Californian, Jessie now lives near Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two daughters.

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