Thursday, June 30, 2011

Downtown Dallas Snapshots

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The kids decided to take a couple photos of us driving into downtown from the AAC.

6th grade curriculum....and the winner is.....

Finally got around to ordering my daughters curriculum for this coming year. I know, I know, I am a HUGE procrastinator, but hey its done now, so get off my back ok? ok, lets move on! So I am going with a mixed curriculum, as always! I am fickle what can I say,. I love variety. Its the spice of life if you have not heard yet.  Anyway, my lovely Princess will be doing Mystery of History, Total Language Plus, Learning Adventures and Life of Fred, Rosetta Stone (French..she picked not me) and learning to play the drums (of all the instruments in the world she picks the loudest).
Yes, I already know what some of you are thinking, LA is a unit study, but I love MOH and I want my daughter to be an avid reader so we continue TLP all year long, or until she learns to love to read, which ever comes first :)
The music class she will be taking at a local music shop that has cut me an excellent deal on lessons. Now, we don't own drums (thank God) so I am trying to find a music store that will rent some to me for the year, unless its cheaper to buy a set off craigslist, than in that case we will sadly own a set of drums.I almost hate to go that route, simply because my daughter has gone from wanting to play the piano, the sax, the guitar, to now the drums. I really don't want to put a large investment into something she may change her mind about a month down the road, like the piano! Ok the piano I really didnt care, cause James plays really good and I love to hear the piano in the house, in the front yard, down the road...didn't realize how LOUD they are and how FAR you can hear them! lol, oh well could be worse, it could be the drums! :)
So there we have it ladies and gentleman my daughters 6th grade curriculum. Let's see how long I can stick to it!
PS: We are also doing geo box exchanges with a home school facebook group along with Flat Stanley exchanges as well to learn about geography. More of that to come later!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Princess and Frog


Princess caught a frog at her friends house, kept it all weekend and than brought it home. Well sadly we dont have the right set up to keep the beautiful creature so we made her let it go. Tears fell, hearts were broken, but in the end the frog led a better life without being caged! As you can tell, she does not care-just wanted to keep it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

WWE Raw - March 7, 2011 - 7:15 P.M.

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Any WWE fans in the house tonight? Well I hope so because we had a kick but time at the American Airline  Center watching some of our favorite superstars come to life in front of us during the WWE RAW TOUR! Thats right we got to see so many great athletes and why did you go? Well glad you asked. I took my nephew, Kristian, to celebrate his 9th birthday! That's right, my sparky is growing up on us all, already the big 9! He had a fabulous time, but ate a little too much and his stomach started hurting him at the end. Although that did not stop him from hootin and hollering for John Cena as he took down R-Truth in the main event! Now I created a little bit of an issue in my house by doing this. You see, I only had enough money to take my nephew only and my kids are big wrestling fans, so they were lets say perturbed at me for not taking them.I even brought back a wrestling book for them, but still the cold shoulder persisted. Who knew?  So now for my sons birthday, in October, I promised to take them to see WWE Smackdown when they come back around to Dallas, just to keep peace in the house!

Here is a list of some of the WWE Raw superstars that we got to see wrestle. I have tried to attach video, but its giving me some issues. When I figure out what the dilemma is  you can see some snippets of the stars. They didn't like me recording and constantly came up to tell me to stop! I took one for the team though.






Ping Pong, Game 2 and WIllow Tree Hunting for Fireworks!

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 Here you can see your Robots after a hunting and gathering episode of good ol Willow wood. The branch was so big that is dangled from the front of my car all the way to the back and hung down into the road. I was so scared I was going to hit a car coming back or the cops would stop us. We did get lots of very strange and perplexed looks from passersby and our neighbors could not help but laugh and stare at us as we got home and started picking apart this lovely branch, than started stripping it of all the bark. If they only knew what it was really going to be used for they might have a fonder appreciation. Instead I think we have been labeled the crazy neighbors!

 Your robots wanted to help out so much with getting the branch down off my truck that they did get a little tangled up in the process!
 Your Robots and cats decided it was best to stay clear of all the tree limbs flying around, so they sought refuge under the car port. Well at least until Drake threw a ball that direction and that was the end of Bella.

Yogi on the other hand moves for no one and nothing. He's the King Kitty of the block. He loves to lay in the middle of the road and make cars go around him. Thats right they actually move around our King Kitty. They know who's in charge!LOL

 Today also we took the Flats up to see Drizzle practice for his big game on Saturday this last Friday night. This week he will play offense so we will see how that goes, since he normally plays defense.After practice we sat down and let the kids play a little ping pong at the local recreational center. They had a blast until Mr Competitive, AKA Dad, decided score must be kept and then all the kids lost interest. He cannot fathom how they can just enjoy a game and not have to have a winner and a looser. Finally got James to stop playing score keeper and the kids had a much better time!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Robots Trip to the American Airlines center

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Had to make a trip to the AAC today to pick up our WWE Raw tickets and so I decided to take along our visiting robots. Later in the week you guys will get to go onside and watch Cena lay the smackdown down with me and my nephew!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robots visit Birthday Celebrations

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 Today was my husbands birthday. He turned a whooping 35 years old today. I know we are already planning the funeral!!! Well our family is very big into doing joke cakes for all occasions so James got stuck with a Hello Kitty cake that read "Happy Birthday Stinky Daddy" As you can see you robots are there to help irritate by pl;acing 45 candles on his cake instead of 35! Dont you just love the bright pink frosting?
I know we did!
 The kids also made their Daddy a nice wooden box, that they painted and put their pictures in for his big day. James keeps all his money is one of those big water bottles, so we all thought that this was going to look much nicer in the house than his tacky water bottle. Your Robots thought that they needed to get in on the pic action as well, so they could be part of the fun and memories too.
Here is the nice big, bright pink, Hello Kitty cake! It was delicious though.

Father's Day/Dads Birthday


I am not much for celebrating holidays, except Halloween and yes, I know the big bad pagan holiday..whatever...but Father's Day is one of those I do love to celebrate. I did not get to call my Dad this year, simply because I was lazy and did not pay my phone bill...still have not paid my phone bill....but hey  I will get around to it. I actually like the peace and quite of people not calling me constantly. But I am getting off track here, I did send a card though and I do think we need to pay special tribute the men that stick around in our lives. There are so many fathers that walk away and are never to be seen or heard from again, that it seems to be the rare bread now that stay and are actually there for their children growing up and into adult hood. So I commend these fathers. Although my daddy was not around the whole time I was growing up, I know that he wished he could have been. So for today to celebrate their dad and his birthday, which are next to each other, the kids made their Dad a wonderful little money box, since he keeps his money is a huge jar normally, we thought he would love this instead. The kids also made him a cake and cards to go along with it. Also, we are really big into joke cakes in our family. i cannot recall the last time we actually had a "real" birthday cake or celebration cake for anyone. The Walmart bakery people love us!Below is a wonderful video of his birthday celebration and you can see just how BRIGHT his lovely cake gets! Notice he is not at all surprised that its a throwed off cake and not a normal one!

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