Friday, January 18, 2013

Top Post of 2012

God has been so good to me this year. My family is healthy, fed, clothed, and we have shelter every night! We may not have everything we "want" in life, but God has made sure we have all that we "need" in life.

Do I wish my life was better? Filled with newer things and a little more extravagant? Sure, at times.

I have a car that is 20 years old and although it is not the prettiest looking thing on the road,and it has dents, some scratches, the seat belts do not always want to work, the doors do not always want to unlock for me; it gets me to work every day. It takes us to church 3 times a week, and my kids to outside activities.  It moans, groans and complains to me and I to it at times and there are moments I want to take a bat to it, but I am thankful everyday that God provided me with a car, instead of walking. Oh, I remember walking everyday, everywhere, all too well. Trying to carry groceries and a newborn at the same time,while watching 2 others. Walking to work and daycare in the lovely Texas heat, rain, sleet etc. It was not fun, although it did keep me in good shape!  I prayed for the ability to save up enough money to get a car. It took me 2 years, but eventually I was ale to get enough money to buy our good ol SUV. So, although I complain that I would love a new (ish) car, I am still incredibly thankful for the one I have daily. God answered my prayer, and I am sure the prayer of my kiddos too. SO when I get on my little pity party and start looking at my car with evil, God has a  funny way of making sure I remember what it was like before I had my car. A week or two of it being in the shop for repairs, quickly reminds me of how lucky I am. I see people everyday walking in all the elements and I cannot help but remember, 6 years ago that was me. So I count my blessings and I am thankful for what I have, even if I don't get what I want!

So what are you thankful for this New Years?

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