Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Years Interview

While scanning some of my favorite blogs looking for new and creative things to do with my kiddos this upcoming year I ran across  New Year’s interview printable  I absolutely love this idea so much that I found on Homeschool Share website that I decided to do this with my own children this year.The idea is very simply but gives you great insight to your children.After you ask your children all these interview questions, make sure you SAVE it! I make a year in review book for each of my kids called What I Love About.... and I give it to them each Christmas as a gift, something they can treasure years to come and share with their own children one day. When I stumbled across the New Year Interview I knew this would be a great addition to add into their books.

You can download the interview page by clicking on the image below. You can also TYPE right on this form (in the blue fields)!

Homeschool Share
Here are some more fun ideas that you can do with your children: 

1. Have a New Years party with your kids,their best friends and parents. 
2. Buy lots of noisy noise makers for your kids to blow at midnight-and the rest of the night :)
3. Bake some fabulous snacks to eat through the night, introducing a new one each hour till you reach your favorite at midnight.  (snack list countdown)
4. Buy some champagne juice such as those welches makes.We do this every year only for New Years and my kids look forward to this tradition.
5. Fireworks-what new years is not complete without some fireworks? If you know how to make homemade fireworks even better! If not make paper fireworks using glitter,glue and your favorite colored construction-paper. 
6. Camp out-For all your outdoors men and ladies do a overnight camp out at your favorite campsite,backyard or inside your home.

What about you? What are some of your favorite New Year traditions?

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