Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bible Studies 2012

John 15:7
I. I must have an honest relationship to God. (Psalm 66:18)
II. I must have a forgiving attitude toward others. (Mark 11:24-25)
III. I must be willing to share the results. (Proverbs 21:13)
IV. I must believe that God answers prayers. (James 1:5-7)
V. I must pray in Jesus’ name. (John 14:13-14)

The Gospel Truth

1 Corinthians 15
Three things that sin brings to man:
I. The scriptural content of the gospel.
A. Jesus’ death on the cross deals with the debt of sin we owe.
B. Jesus’ burial deals with sins defilement to us.
C. Jesus’ resurrection deals with sins dominance.
II. The saving intent of the gospel. (1 Cor. 1:1-2)
A. When you believe the gospel you are saved.
1. Things people do other than believing Jesus is the only way to God.
- Take the path of sincerity.
- Take the path of service.
- Take the path of sacraments.
B. When you believe it you will be strengthened.
C. When you believe it you will be secure.
III. The saving extent of the gospel.
A. It extends to every person.
B. It extends to every place.
C. It extends to every problem.
IV. The saving difference of the gospel. (1 Cor. 15:14; 17)
A. Because Christ is risen, His purpose is still unchangeable.
B. Because Christ is risen, His power is still available.
C. Because Christ is risen, His promises are still reliable.

Romans 1:1-17
I. Paul the man.
A. He was a servant.
B. He was set apart by God.
II. Paul’s message.
A. Jesus Christ is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament.
B. Salvation from sin is based on God’s grace, not man’s merit.
III. Paul’s ministry.
A. He was thankful for the people in the church at Rome.
B. Church are famous for many things: Size, buildings, music, pastors.
C. What God wants us to be famous for:
1. Our faith in God.
2. Our love for God and people.
IV. Paul’s motivation.
A. He was obligated; a debtor.
B. He was eager.
C. He was not ashamed.

Christ Alone Is All We Need
Colossians 1:15 – 2:23
All we need is Christ! Christ alone, and nothing else!
- It’s not Christ plus human reason or understanding (v. 2:8)
- It’s not Christ plus religious practices (v. 2:16)
- It’s not Christ plus mystical experiences (v. 2:18)
- It’s not Christ plus self denial (v. 2:20)
Are you resting, trusting, living, and even facing death in the confidence of the
sufficiency of Christ?
Your Personal Application Today:

Team Green: Currclick Science Fair 2012

Hi everyone! 

Every single team member got their videos up!  Great job!

They all look fantastic too!  You guys did an amazing job!

I've put together a list of everyone's videos so you can watch each one!  Be sure to vote and comment on everyone's.  The judges are looking for votes and votes are how individuals win the competition as well.

Congrats to everyone and thanks so much for being a part of Team Green!

Here's all of Team Green's Videos!

Devin Cyr _DSC4627.MOV

Brown Riggens Better Butter By Brown

Mike Viebke (the tag and account is James's but it's Mike's project. He's 11 Plants and Microwave Water - Mike V - CurrClick Online Science Fair 2012 - Team Green

Congratulations to our Team Winners and their Science Fair Coaches. Great job everybody!
Most Creative Team
Purple Team and Green Team
Best Results
Red Team
Best Skills
Blue Team
Most Thorough
Red Team

Our New Pet

 This week we welcomed a new lab experiment, I mean pet, into our home. She is a Teddy Bear Hamster, now officially named Brittney. Over the next few months Drake will be learning about hamsters. How to care for them, what they eat, drink, play, how they move, habitat..pretty much everything. He already has 2 Boxers he cares for, but I thought a indoor animal that is small would be a good learning experience for him.
Here is some helpful information and facts if you are thinking of getting a cute and cuddly Teddy Bear Hamster for your family: 

Choosing The Right Teddy Bear Hamster:
A healthy hamster has a smooth, shining coat, bright eyes without any discharge, a dry nose, and a clean anus; it's body is almost symmetrically cylindrical. Apart from that, it should make a lively impression, but if it has just come out of a deep sleep, this may not always be guaranteed.
In contrast, the coat of an ailing hamster looks unkempt and dull; the animal has sunken flanks and often a dirty anus. Inflamed eyes or a nasal discharge can also be a sign of illness. If the hamster is "wobbly" on its legs, trembles, sneezes, or wheezes, you should point it out to the dealer, but don't buy the animal. If an animal has diarrhea (recognizable by dirty fur around the anus), you should not buy any other animal from the same cage.

Male or Female?:
The sex you choose is not important. Some say that males become hand tame more quickly, but experts say they have had various experiences with each gender. Be guided by your own feelings when you are buying and take the teddy bear hamster that most appeals to you.

Differentiating Between Sexes:
In the male the distance between the anal opening and the genital opening is clearly larger than it is in the female, and males have a more pointed rear end. In the sexually mature male (from the fourth to the fifth week of life), the testes are clearly recognizable to the left and right of the anus.

The New Home:
Before you get your new teddy bear hamster, set up the cage and choose a permanent location for it. It's best if you bring the hamster home in its little transport box the quickest way possible, because the unusual circumstances intensify its efforts to free itself as quickly as possible.
When you get home, put the carrying box in the cage, open it, and wait until the hamster comes out by itself. Take the old nest material you got at the time of purchase of the animal and put it in the sleeping house. It bears its scent and will signal: this is my home, even if the surroundings don't match anymore.

Careful Acclimation:
Most hamsters are at first quite confused and frightened by the move and the many new impressions. Normally it takes about a week until the hamster has gotten used to its new surroundings. There are a few things you can do to help it get used to its new home...
  • Cover the cage with a light cloth to allow it to investigate its new home in peace.
  • Limit yourself to changing food and water.
  • At first, don't change anything in the cage; your hamster will then feel at home more quickly.
  • Postpone visits from friends who want to meet your new pet.

Now all you have to do is choose a great name for your new little friend!
Please bookmark this blog at the bottom of the page and come back often, there'll be lots of interesting facts and information on teddy bear hamsters! I've got lots I'd like to share with you!

Baseball Drake Style

Just wanted to post some fabulous pictures of my little man playing baseball for the first year. Right now they have him playing Short Stop and Catcher.  He LOVES catcher, but since he is also the fastest player on the team they wanted him at short stop between third and second base.

Right now here are our teams stats:

Date Status Score Headline
4/21/2012 W Strikers 19  Young Guns 18
4/19/2012 L Red Sox 21  Strikers 14
4/14/2012 W Strikers 22  Pirates-5u 8
4/13/2012 W Strikers 17  Pirates-5u 9
4/12/2012 W Strikers 14  North Texas Storm 9
4/2/2012 W Strikers 19  Young Guns 15

Team Won Lost Tied Pct. G.B. RF RA
Red Sox 5 1 0 .833 -- 103 88
Strikers 5 1 0 .833 -- 105 80
Young Guns 2 3 0 .400 2.5 75 80
Pirates-5u 2 4 0 .333 3.0 80 94
North Texas Storm 0 5 0 .000 4.5 53 74

We all actually claim first place, simply because the Red Socks were in the division above us and they dropped down because they were not winning all their games. So for us to have stayed ahead of them until the final inning was amazing and we let our kids know it.
Matthew helping his little brother out


playing short stop

My catcher!

Christening Our Church

Christening Our Church 
Today our whole church got together to christen the new addition of our church with words of scripture and truth. It was truly amazing to watch all the children writing Scripture from heart that has empowered them and impacted with walk with Christ. I wanted to capture this moment so below are just a few of the hundreds of scripture that will live on and bless our church behind the walls! Oh if these walls could talk, the truth that would be proclaimed!! I don't think I've seen a more beautiful site this year than these kids overjoyed and filled with the word of God pouring out of them.

Drake, Logan and their friend adding their scriptures.

The Gibbons Family

Jacob Alkire

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Magic Flute

I love the opera and take every chance I can to go and to bring my kids along. This week I got to take my youngest son to see The Magic Flute By: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was spectacular! For those who do not know anything  about this opera here is a quick synopsis.

Setting:  Ancient Egypt, Legendary Times

Act 1:   An imaginary Egypt. Three Ladies attend on the Queen of the Night save the fainting Prince Tamino from a serpent. When they leave to tell the Queen, the birdcatcher, Papageno, bounces in and boasts to Tamino that it was he who slew the serpent. The Ladies return to give Tamino a portrait of the Queen's daughter, Pamina, whop they say in enslaved by the evil Sarasto, and they padlock Papageno's mouth shut for lying. The Queen, appearing in a burst of thunder, laments the loss of her daughter: she charges Tamino with Pamina's rescue. The Ladies hand a magic flute to Tamino and magic silver bells to Papageno to ensure their safety, appointing Three Genii to guide them. Sarastro's Moorish slave Monostatos pursues Pamina but is frightened away by the feather-covered Papageno, who tells Pamina that Tamino loves her adn intends to save her. Led to the Temple of Sarasto, Tamino is advised by a High Priest that it is the Queen, not Sarastro, who is evil. Hearing that Pamina is safe, Tamino charms the animals with his flute, then rushes to follow the sounds of Papageno's pipes. Monostatos and his retainers chase Papgeno and Pamina but are rendered helpless by Papageno's magic bells.  Srastro, entering in ceremony, promises Pamina eventual freedom and punishes Monostatos. Pamina is enchanted by a glimpse of Tamino, who is led into the temple with Papageno.

Act II:  Sarastro tells his priest that Tamino will undergo initiation rites. Sworn to silence, Tamino is impervious to the temptations of the Queen Ladies, who have no trouble derailing the cheerful Papageno from his course of virtue. The Queen of the Night dismisses Monostatos, whom she finds trying to kiss the sleeping Pamina, and gives her daughter a dagger with which to murder Sarastro. The gourmand Papageno is just as quick to break a new oath of fasting, and he jokes with a flirtatious old lady, who vanishes when asked her name. Tamino remains steadfast, breaking Pamina's heart; she cannot understand his silence.The priests inform Tamino that he has only 2 more trials to complete his initiation. Papageno is eliminated but settles for the old lady, who turns into a young Papagena when resigned Papageno promises to be faithful. She disappears however. After the Genii save the disparaging Pamina from suicide, she finds Tamino and walk with him through the ordeals by water and fire, protected by the use of his magic bells, which summon Papagena. The two plan for the future and move into a bird's nest. The Queen of the Night, her Three Ladies and Monostatos attack the temple but are defeated and banished. Sarastro joins Pamina dn Tamino as the throng hails Isis and Osiris, the triumph of courage, virtue and wisdom.  

Our Opinion: 

Mozart’s delightful, adventurous, and slightly daffy opera that tests the limits of loyalty and love is mesmerizing  production. From giant serpents and hot air balloons to magical monarchs and mysterious cults, this opera was  extraordinary! My 5 year old LOVED it and clapped and cheered all the way through. Want more? Click on the title at the top and watch it for yourself via You Tube!

Coming Up: 

Dr. Miracle
Jack and the Beanstalk and the Dallas Children's Theater

Friday, April 27, 2012

Magic School Bus Premier

I took my youngest to the Magic School Bus Premier at the Science Place.  We have been anxiously awaiting this premier for the past 3 weeks and finally it has arrived. We have a whole week unit planned for this week around the Magic School Bus, focusing on weather.
Drake on the far left
 Of course the first thing you must do when you arrive is tell all about the weather outside! Drake loved this idea so I decided to use it for the upcoming week. We will be recording the weather every day this week on special cards we made and then drawing a picture to go with the card. He's super excited about it.
Cloud Chart
 Once we got done telling the world about today's weather we decided to make a cloud chart. Hey, you cannot accurately portrait the weather without one. We used blue paper to represent the sky and then used cotton balls to represent the different types of clouds. He is doing another one this week with his sister as well.  To get the clouds to stick we simply used glue.

Cloud making station

No trip down cloud aisle is complete until you drive in your own hot air balloon through the different types of clouds and weather storms! He loved traveling through hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, bright sunny days and rain, all in search of clouds.

Ever wonder about thunder and lightning and how to tell them apart? Well we will be focusing on those facts as well this week. I even made these nifty little weather report forms the kids can fill in and "report" the weather to everyone.
" This is _____________ (your name)  bringing you the Weather from the Green News Network.  _______________ ( wher is your weather?)is being pounded by the biggest hurricane this area has seen in years. _____________ (what do you see?)  have been reported. Many residents have declined to leave the city until this _____________  ( how do you feel) storm has passed.
The temperature is ____________ (temp), and the wind is blowing from the _____________ (wind direction) at an amazing ______________ (wind speed) miles per hour.  The skies are ____________ (cloud cover), and __________- (rain fall) inches f rain have fallen. This soggy storm should blow over by nightfall, but it will be some time before people here can dry up, clean up, and go back to life as usual. And that's our Green News Network weather report. Stay tuned for the ______________ (kids name)  business update."

I got one for each type of weather.

After all that cloud chasing and weather reporting the kids needed some sit down, calm down fun and nothing quite like getting a story read to you by the very own Mrs. Fizzle!
During the coming week we will be reading The Storm Book by Charlotte Zolotow and The Snowy Day by: Jack Keats. My daughter has been working hard at reading the stories, thinking of questions to ask Drake and things to draw to support the book. She LOVES teaching her little brother and weather is one of her favorite subjects. She even made these nifty little weather trackers for them to do daily. All she used was a paper plate, a black marker, a red sheet of construction paper to make the arrow and  push pin that folds out in the back. She will have him draw each of the major types of weather (snow, rain, sun, cloudy) and each day they will put the arrow on that days weather. Did I tell you shes the creative one in the family?

 Off to the weather broadcasting network we traveled to next to find out all the great ways to broadcast the weather news. Behind them were magnetic temperatures scales, clouds, rain, and snow bubbles they could place over the different parts of the United States. As you can tell we made a small stop at the face painting section for "makeup" before going on the air.

Well that was our day at the Magic School Bus Weather Premier. Hope you enjoyed it and walked away with some great tips to make your own weather week a special one.

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