Friday, August 31, 2012

What I Love Most About Delaney-August

Month: August

Special Days: First day of school, tons of swimming, youth group, ASL, watching Psych together, and so much more!

Favorite Stories: Probably the youth group swim party story this month. Read below and you'll see why.

Fabulous Photo:  Yes, I know this one is from Six Flags, but I aminly put this phot here because of the water and that so describes this whole month..You and water!
Greatest Quotes:" Can I , Can I, Can I, please, please, please? I'll take Drake" I heard this alot this last month. normally in regards to swimming at the neighbors, or going to play someplace.. I think you adopted this as your summer mantra. 

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your willingness to go with the flow, even when you are being cheated. Although going to public school is something you have been wanting to do, it came with sacrifices. No more volunteer work at the zoo, no Daddy getting you early and for longer periods of time, no more late nights with mom and sleeping in, no more weekday sleep overs, no more "fun" school time. Alot of changes and although some of them really upset you, you took it in strides knowing my choices were limited and I was doing what I had to to protect you all at this juncture in life. I hated placing you in p.s., but sometimes Gods plans and yours are not the same and you need to accept His plans over our own. You did this and Iam proud of you for it. It all worked out in the end though. I was ble to switch your Wednesday schedule with another girl for Saturdays and your daddy will pick you up from school and keep you a couple hours later at night,so God was watching out for you and showing you He loves you and cares about the plans you have for your life as well.

 Where I hope to see you grow: Sitting back and having patience. You will not always have all the answers you want then second you need or ask for them in life. Part of what we have forgotten is to learn to listen to God and wait for His timing to teach us and give us the wisdom we need, not on our time, but His. Learning to not always run to others for answers, but to seek Gods wisdom is first priority.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month
1. First Day of School-Come on, you knew this would make the list, its mom after all! Alright this was not your first day of 7th grade, but it was your first day of 7th grade in public school, so there I win! Yes, Ill take that small victory thank you very much! I loved shopping with you to get your clothes, picking out supplies, and hated the registration process. Didn't see that one coming did you. Gotcha, gotta pay attention here luv bug. I did adore seeing you off to school on your first day.
2. ASL Classes- OK these did not go as planned, mainly because we got the wrong teacher who had no clue how to teach kids, but still you did wonderful at it and you learned alot for the almost month we did classes as a family. It was the wrong time, wrong teacher and so much more. I still greatly enjoyed doing this and would love to do it again.
3. Youth Pool Party: You got a you remember it? Its "Double-Dog Dare Delaney" Why might you ask? From my gathering the whole youth party you lived like a fish in the water and when everyone else was too scared to go to the hot tub from the pool and vice versa, they double dog dared you and you did it time and again, along with every other dare you got that night. So name well deserved double dog!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Learning survival skills

We took you to learn to gun safety and basics this month up at Bass Pro Shop.You were so excited it was hard to keep you still. You learned about safety gear, how to hold a gun, were to aim it, how to push the safety off, were you should keep a gun stored at, why its not a toy, but a weapon, why we don't play with them and point them at people. and your favorite part, how to shoot one.

With Daddy learning how to hold your bow

With your instructor learning to hold a bow
 You also got the chance to learn about hunting techniques, and the different types of bows that you can you to hunt with , instead of guns. You loved this and wanted to buy a bow to go "fishing" with. Too darn cute.

You learned about the different areas on the bow, why they are each important, how to aim, load an arrow, shoot and recover.

We also got to make some bear tracks as souvenirs to take home with us.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Orphan King

The Orphan King, wrote by Sigmund Brouwer is the first book in a new series of Merlin's Immortals. Sigmund has 18 books already under his belt and has been features in Times Magazine and on ABC: Good Morning America. I can definitely see why people are drawn to his writings. I am not much for Sci-Fyi types of books, even when they have a Christian element mixed in. Normally they are way too farfetched outside of reality for them to keep my attention (Yes, I know that's the purpose), but Sigmund did a marvelous job of keeping this book within a sane scope of reality that could be realistic. The possibility that all that is laid out in the book can/could happen to the characters. It made them human and easy to bond with and get invited into their world.  A world of unfamiliar territory, new friends with uncertain motives, mystical elements to kingdoms and characters alike.

The story follows an orphan boy Thomas, who raised in the abbey by relentlessly abusive, greedy monks who are anything but Godly.  After pledging a vow to Sara, his nurse maid, on her death bed he makes his escape from the monks to set out on a quest given to him to overtake Magnus and become its king.  Thomas though, soon finds himself amongst a group of companions that he is not sure are friend or foe to help him accomplish his quest entering the mysterious world of the Druids in Magnus. , His companions, a boy who likes to steal, a young lady who pretends to be both deaf and mute, and a knight, all help Thomas on his quest to find himself, renew his relationship with God and how to recognize both the good and evil in himself and others.

This book would be excellent for readers 12 and up, as long as you discuss the mixed message of magic and Christianity with them before hand.  I did love the lesson given to us in this book:  God has a plan for everyone; we just need to be willing to look for it and follow His will in our life and not our own, no matter how rocky the road seems!

I received The Orphan King as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers. My comments and opinions are my own.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
By: Susan Cain

So I am a pretty introverted person. Yep, I even took the test (16/20 true), just to be sure ;) and I have to say, I loved this book. It strikes me as odd that people are so obsessed with being extroverted. It boggles my mind most of the time.  The amount of time, money and energy that people poor into making themselves and the people around them “extroverted” is a concept I simply do not agree with. Now I am not saying we should all live in a little shell as if we are a monk residing in an our own personal abbey, but seriously, to me, there is such a thing as being over extraverted.

While reading Mrs. Cain’s book I could not help but think our society was better off when our values were emphasized on the “old” attributes like: citizenship, duty, work, golden deeds, honor, reputation, morals, manners and integrity, than they have become with our “new”  attributes of focusing on the self  and being an enigma to others. We took great quality characteristics and replaced them with shallow, self serving, all about me characteristics. All I can say to that is I miss the old days and strive to bring my kids up by those characteristic and not our newfound ones that have people so jazzed up.

 I loved the quote from Woodbury’s 1922 soap Ad “All around you, people are judging you silently” and “critical eyes are sizing you up right now!” There is such an amazing amount of truth in those statements even today. Yet, our culture loves to be talked about. The more outlandish you are the more attention you get. It’s like we live in a world where the more idiotic you appear, the greater your chance of success in life.  I read the story of Tony Robbins, but I am skeptical of people that jump around and use closed ended statement s to get you to agree with them or their product they are pushing.  It is so cliché and laughable. It is said imitation is the highest form of praise, but I value uniqueness in an individual.  I don’t like people that go around and only regurgitate someone else’s opinion or idea about life. Have your own insight and creativity. Be your own man/woman. Stand up on your own coattails. I instantly distrust people who are hoping around, going crazy and running around like a fool who just did a line of coke. I am not impartial either to this. The sales man, the motivational speakers or the preacher. I show no bias. There is something distrust worthy to me about someone who has to put on such a show for his or her audience to buy into what they are selling. I am not saying I want them to stand in front the mike, flat faced with no external emotion, but there is a middle ground to be had and that is where I personally like to see things at. Everyone loves the charismatic leader that draws everyone’s attention and speaks just for them alone, but I prefer to rely on body language to see if someone buys into their product or self.

The section on “When Collaboration Kills Creativity” was amazing and insightful.  There is a struggle with both the introvert and the extrovert with group work. Each person has important information and creativity that they can bring into a group situation that would otherwise be lacking.  This section really gave me something to sit back and contemplate. It was worth re-reading to me, especially since I work with a VERY extroverted boss.

My favorite chapter’s though had to be the ones on communicating with people of opposite type as you and “How to Cultivate Quiet Kids in a World That Can’t Hear Them. “ These two topics really fascinated me simply because I have one introverted child and 2 major extroverted children and it seems we do have difficulty communicating with each other. I LOVED Carl Jung’s quote: The meeting of 2 personalities is like the contact of 2 chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” I could not say it any better myself! I tend to think that my kids and I complement each other in different level and help make up for each other’s “lacking” qualities.  I also, adored the role-playing aspect of this chapter. I have done this with my own children to get them to understand how their words and actions appear to others despite what they are trying to say/convey. It’s a standard technique that marriage counselors use themselves to this day and it is enlightening to say the least.

I greatly enjoyed this book .I learned so much from it that I know I can apply and take with me when dealing with not only my family, but my friends, co-workers and strangers alike. Although I have to say I don’t really enjoy the cover very much and as such thought the book was going to be a very dry read. I am glad I was wrong. The book is chalk full of humorous antecedents and several times I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at the slogans companies used. I t was a fascinating read on al l fronts.  This book is diffidently for someone though that has at least moderate interest in the topic. It is not one that you pick up out of curiosity alone or I am afraid you will quickly become bored and put it down only to collect dust and that would be a shame. 

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 "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."